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Buying a home can be quite exciting, with many new challenges and opportunities.  It goes without saying that when you buy real estate you expect to sit down with your Pittsburgh Realtor to determine what style, which location and how expensive a home you wish to buy. And, of course, you and your Realtor then needs to go out into the marketplace to actually see the homes that are available.

RE/MAX Renaissance Realty West will help you with your home home buying process.  Determining just how much home you can afford, selecting the area, style of home, negotiating your price and the final step is to contract for the home you select, complete your financing and inspections and close on the transaction.

The agent you select should be experienced and knowledgeable in the marketplace. If they are familiar with the homes on the market and they know the neighborhood.  A Realtor can help you determine which properties are fairly priced and in good condition before you start your search. Therefore the agent actively looks after your best interests.

A good agent will recommend that you pre-qualify for a mortgage loan before you look at homes.  This enables you to to look in an appropriate price range and strengthens your bargaining position when you locate the home you wish to buy. If your offer to the seller includes a letter from your lender indicating you already qualify for the loan, the seller will take you more seriously.

These are just a few hints from our staff here at RE/MAX Renaissance Realty West.   Put our experience to work for you. We have been helping people in a large variety. And don’t forget to check our listings at your finger tips.

We are ready to start working for you today!!

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